Monday, August 30, 2010

The Vandy League

The Vandy league has officially begun, and my team (Nerd Rage) looks to be pretty serious, as I had one of the better drafts. I would say Reivis and Butthead and Cossacks each had outstanding drafts, but I think I did well with what I was given. Here is Sunny's little intro and the complete draft results. Hopefully, he will be kind enough to do weekly power rankings as well.

Alright league welcome back to fantasy football. I know its been a tough year for many of us, mainly Tiger and anybody who watched Lebron's hour long decision special, but the good news is that football season is back, the draft is over and everybody 's team has a fighting chance, except ofcourse Pete's team, which never has a fighting chance at anything.

First of all congrats to Leon for winning the league last year and dominating trent in the playoffs. Its always great to see trent get dominated in the playoffs. Timmy way to miss another draft, i think that 's four years in a row. Freeman, turn sportscenter off for just a second, rest your eyes and ice your knee. Fred go work on your laterals, Charlie good work with your laterals. And Trent, before you get mad, i have no idea if Leon beat you in the playoffs, i was too lazy to check. Oh and ofcourse, i'd like to thank Rob for not picking Marion barber with the first pick this year.

we got a new guy this year, Jason Wu, i think Ocho Cinco, he's a friend of Charlie's so there's a very real possibility of him being imaginary and Charlie just opening up another account to put himself in the league twice..if down the stretch we see a Mason Crosby for Larry Fitzgerald deal go through we'll know what 's up. But Jason, welcome man, I hope you have fun, and i've only known one other jason in my life, jason goldstein, so I imagine you as a fat, jewish kid who smokes a lot of weed so now you know where all my jokes will be coming from. Unless ofcourse you're imaginary, in which case, charlie, my bad.

That's all i got right now, i'll put up a pre-season ranking a little later. On another note, it seems the points are fractional, not sure why, i'm pretty sure we didnt do fractional last year, so i'm going to go ahead and change that.

-Sunny 'Founder of Ray Rice and Chris Johnson'

Round 1
1. Chris Johnson Revis and Butthead.
2. Adrian Peterson Cossacks
3. Maurice Jones-Drew Silver Bullets
4. Ray Rice money affiliated
5. Michael Turner Hater Players
6. Frank Gore Nerd Rage
7. Andre Johnson Rowdy's Club
8. Ryan Mathews OchoCinco
9. Randy Moss Professional Grade
10. Shonn Greene Got Rice?
Round 2
1. Rashard Mendenhall Got Rice?
2. Steven Jackson Professional Grade
3. Reggie Wayne OchoCinco
4. DeAngelo Williams Rowdy's Club
5. Miles Austin Nerd Rage
6. Tom Brady Hater Players
7. Brandon Marshall money affiliated
8. Drew Brees Silver Bullets
9. Calvin Johnson Cossacks
10. Peyton Manning Revis and Butthead
Round 3
1. Cedric Benson Revis and Butthead
2. Aaron Rodgers Cossacks
3. Roddy White Silver Bullets
4. DeSean Jackson money affiliated
5. Jamaal Charles Hater Players
6. Greg Jennings Nerd Rage
7. Ryan Grant Rowdy's Club
8. Larry Fitzgerald OchoCinco
9. Beanie Wells Professional Grade
10. Pierre Thomas Got Rice?
Round 4
1. Tony Romo Got Rice?
2. LeSean McCoy Professional Grade
3. Jonathan Stewart OchoCinco
4. Jahvid Best Rowdy's Club
5. Matt Schaub Nerd Rage
6. Jermichael Finley Hater Players
7. Antonio Gates money affiliated
8. Marques Colston Silver Bullets
9. Steve Smith Cossacks
10. Dallas Clark Revis and Butthead
Round 5
1. Anquan Boldin Revis and Butthead
2. Ronnie Brown Cossacks
3. Matt Forte Silver Bullets
4. Vernon Davis money affiliated
5. Pierre Garcon Hater Players
6. Michael Crabtree Nerd Rage
7. Steve Smith Rowdy's Club
8. Philip Rivers OchoCinco
9. Dwayne Bowe Professional Grade
10. Chad Ochocinco Got Rice?
Round 6
1. Jason Witten Got Rice?
2. Hines Ward Professional Grade
3. Knowshon Moreno OchoCinco
4. Brett Favre Rowdy's Club
5. Joseph Addai Nerd Rage
6. Marion Barber Hater Players
7. C.J. Spiller money affiliated
8. Clinton Portis Silver Bullets
9. Michael Bush Cossacks
10. Arian Foster Revis and Butthead
Round 7
1. Mike Sims-Walker Revis and Butthead
2. Hakeem Nicks Cossacks
3. Wes Welker Silver Bullets
4. Kevin Kolb money affiliated
5. Ahmad Bradshaw Hater Players
6. Brent Celek Nerd Rage
7. Percy Harvin Rowdy's Club
8. Tony Gonzalez OchoCinco
9. Jeremy Maclin Professional Grade
10. Santana Moss Got Rice?
Round 8
1. Donald Driver Got Rice?
2. Justin Forsett Professional Grade
3. Ricky Williams OchoCinco
4. Kellen Winslow Rowdy's Club
5. Felix Jones Nerd Rage
6. Visanthe Shiancoe Hater Players
7. Johnny Knox money affiliated
8. Jerome Harrison Silver Bullets
9. John Carlson Cossacks
10. Brandon Jacobs Revis and Butthead
Round 9
1. Reggie Bush Revis and Butthead
2. San Francisco Cossacks
3. LaDainian Tomlinson Silver Bullets
4. Santonio Holmes money affiliated
5. Steve Breaston Hater Players
6. Derrick Mason Nerd Rage
7. New York Rowdy's Club
8. T.J. Houshmandzadeh OchoCinco
9. Eli Manning Professional Grade
10. Mike Wallace Got Rice?
Round 10
1. Green Bay Got Rice?
2. Fred Jackson Professional Grade
3. Jay Cutler OchoCinco
4. Stephen Gostkowski Rowdy's Club
5. Donald Brown Nerd Rage
6. Julian Edelman Hater Players
7. Carnell Williams money affiliated
8. Thomas Jones Silver Bullets
9. Garrett Hartley Cossacks
10. Terrell Owens Revis and Butthead
Round 11
1. Minnesota Revis and Butthead
2. Malcom Floyd Cossacks
3. Devin Aromashodu Silver Bullets
4. Philadelphia money affiliated
5. Joshua Cribbs Hater Players
6. Jacoby Jones Nerd Rage
7. Joe Flacco Rowdy's Club
8. Laurence Maroney OchoCinco
9. Robert Meachem Professional Grade
10. Steve Slaton Got Rice?
Round 12
1. Dez Bryant Got Rice?
2. Chris Cooley Professional Grade
3. Heath Miller OchoCinco
4. Montario Hardesty Rowdy's Club
5. Leon Washington Nerd Rage
6. Matthew Stafford Hater Players
7. Carson Palmer money affiliated
8. Zach Miller Silver Bullets
9. Matt Ryan Cossacks
10. Braylon Edwards Revis and Butthead
Round 13
1. Bernard Berrian Revis and Butthead
2. Devin Hester Cossacks
3. Roy Williams Silver Bullets
4. Lee Evans money affiliated
5. Baltimore Hater Players
6. Pittsburgh Nerd Rage
7. Owen Daniels Rowdy's Club
8. Austin Collie OchoCinco
9. Dallas Professional Grade
10. Nate Kaeding Got Rice?
Round 14
1. Donovan McNabb Got Rice?
2. Willis McGahee Professional Grade
3. New Orleans OchoCinco
4. Chester Taylor Rowdy's Club
5. Mason Crosby Nerd Rage
6. Darren Sproles Hater Players
7. David Akers money affiliated
8. Jabar Gaffney Silver Bullets
9. Kenny Britt Cossacks
10. Tim Hightower Revis and Butthead
Round 15
1. Mike Williams Revis and Butthead
2. Darren McFadden Cossacks
3. Rob Bironas Silver Bullets
4. Washington money affiliated
5. Anthony Gonzalez Hater Players
6. Vincent Jackson Nerd Rage
7. Eddie Royal Rowdy's Club
8. Ryan Longwell OchoCinco
9. Lawrence Tynes Professional Grade
10. Dexter McCluster Got Rice?
Round 16
1. Chris Chambers Got Rice?
2. Mohamed Massaquoi Professional Grade
3. Ben Roethlisberger OchoCinco
4. Antonio Bryant Rowdy's Club
5. Anthony Dixon Nerd Rage
6. Marshawn Lynch Hater Players
7. Alex Smith money affiliated
8. Louis Murphy Silver Bullets
9. Greg Olsen Cossacks
10. David Buehler Revis and Butthead