Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The "Grand" Power Rankings

Okay, I've been slacking on these way sooner than i thought i would be, but don't worry, im wrapping up all three weeks into one. And no, i am not writing this because of Fred, its just a coincidence they're coming out immediately after Fudson's post. By the way Fred, you are being fined for excessively violent verbal hits. Please mail me a check for 50,000 dollars.

And the Power Rankings.

1. Silver Bullets:

Yes sir, 5-1, completely dominating freeman's all-star squad in the win column, and I left 50 points on the bench last week.

2. Revis and Butthead

Revis is getting burned every Sunday. Maybe freeman's team would have beat any other team last week but that is irrelevant. Only 2 waiver wire pickups? Free's bum knee is clearly affecting his mobility in his swivel chair and can't turn around fast enough to make the moves.

3. Nerd Rage

Giving Charlie the benefit of the doubt here, knocking off the number one team 's gotta move you up. And putting up 137 points when only getting one from Miles Austin is pretty impressive.

4. Cossacks

Pete, congrats on finally getting off your ass and dropping your kicker who doesnt kick anymore. Fourth place through six weeks? a new record for pete.

5. Professional Grade:

Mcnabb is working miracles over in Kentucky. 606 points through six weeks, less points than Got Rice? (1-5), less than Ocho (1-5), but somehow T'nab as he goes by in the streets, is 4-2.

6. Money Affiliated

Fudson's team is all over the place. He wins, he loses, then he loses some more, then he smokes some weed. And then some more weed. and some more weed. And finally some more weed. Roethlisburger is finally back, but antonio gates and desean jackson both out, can't be good fro Fudson.

7. Hater Players

Solid players, nothing amazing, nothing that jumps off the page, just solid.... oddly very fitting for Leon Parker, the Big Fundemental...except for that fadeway. just kidding parker....but really.

8. Got Rice?

Giving Timmy the benefit of the doubt, the '08 champ or '07 champ, or '09 champ, one of those years, and well i guess you can't teach experience. or indifference. Check ur team Chen.

9. Rowdy's Boys:

It's about time for the annual confusing Rob trade which somehow completely works out for him and propels him into the playoffs.

10. Ocho Cinco

Ryan Matthews not panning out, this team needs some moves.

Alright that's all i got, Everybody vote this week, there will be a five point bonus for those who vote that they may not or will not ever receive So vote!!!!

Sunny's Fact of the week: Carmelo to NY before this season is over.
your welcome.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Austin Rivers Commits to Duke!!!!!

I think we can finally put to rest the notion that Coach K’s time and effort for Team U.S.A. is “hurting” Duke. Don’t you agree?

Welcome Austin Rivers, the No. 1 rated high school player.

Who is Rivers (Like I really have to answer this question for any Duke fan, but I will anyway)?

Offensively, there is nothing Doc Rivers’ kid can’t do. He can shoot from almost 30-feet away and his mid-range game will be unheard of for a incoming freshman. He’s wicked quick, with a NBA-ready dribble-drive. He can play either point or two-guard, but if we are to assume that Kyrie Irving goes pro after one year, Seth Curry should have control of the point in 2011. With Nolan Smith’s departure, the shooting guard spot belongs to Rivers (sorry Dawkins).

If you want to find one weakness, word on the street is that Rivers favors his right. It’s not like he can’t go left, but he’s probably never really been challenged to at the high school & summer league level. This will change in college, so expect him to work on it throughout his senior year.

Getting Austin Rivers isn’t truly shocking. Once he de-committed from Florida, all the experts had pegged Duke. However, it was a bit surprising (and nice) that he simply cancelled trips to both Kansas and North Carolina. As a Duke fan, this had to feel especially sweet, after Roy Williams robbed Harrison Barnes last summer.

With the addition of Rivers, Duke clearly has the No. 1 or No. 2 class in 2011. The other solid group belongs to Coach Calipari and Kentucky.

On top of Austin Rivers, Duke now has (SF-4) Michael Gbinije, (C-11) Tyler Adams, and (C-5) Marshall Plumlee.

Some have speculated that the Duke coaching staff may be done recruiting in 2011. I suspect otherwise.

We know that Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith graduate, so they’re done after this year. Like we said before, Kyrie Irving could easily be one and done (especially if the Blue Devils can repeat). What about Mason Plumlee? Obviously I’m doing a lot of projecting (which has gotten me in trouble in the past), but he’s projected to be a middle of the pack first-round pick next year. Would he stay on another year, especially with the opportunity to play along side both brothers? Maybe.

As best as I can tell, Duke still has (PG-3) Quinn Cook and (PF-1) Quincy Miller. Both will be in town for “Countdown To Craziness,” so that’s a good sign.