Friday, September 24, 2010

Vandy League Week 2 Power Rankings

short and sweet

The Undefeated

1. Cossacks-

Pete in unfamiliar territory 2 weeks into the season. But even more unfamiliar territory was when pete actually picked up a free agent sometime last week, I dont even know how Pete knew what to do, I bet he had to read the 'help' section.

2. Silver Bullets-

Drew Brees what happened to those monster 40 pt games, these 20 point blue collar efforts are not cutting it. But still 2-0, not complaining, except about the cumalative 11 points my first round pick has gotten me so far.

3. Professional Grade-

The last 2-0 team, trent has guided his team a whole point above 200 points which is whopping third overall... from last in term of points. But still 2-0. good shit trent, way to cash in on that garbage td by Eli.

The 1-1's

4. Revis and Butthead-

Tough loss, Eli Manning once again proves himself in the clutch, pulling trent's squad ahead by only a couple of points while at the same time pulling his real team closer to losing still by a lot.

5. Nerd Rage

Big Week for Li, 38 points for the Pitt D, probably doesnt happen again, but still Schaub looked pretty good, addai and Frank Gore, let's hope that was a glimpse of things not to come from Gore, otherwise, he'll be scoring every game.

6. Fudson's team-

Fred's team basically came back to life. The Michael Vick experiment seems to be working for both Fred and the Eggles. in fact i think Fred called Andy Reid and threatened to take all his weed away if he went through with starting Kolb again..then Andy would have to be sober on the sidelines while he looks befuddled at the terrible offenseive plays he has just called.

7. Hater Players-

Leon with a solid effort, but no help from Tom Brady who only put up 15 against the Jets defense.

The bottom of the barrel

8. Got Rice?-

Timmy chen keeps having to play the weekly outperformer, however, 89 points would have probably lost to most people anyway.

9. Ocho cinco-

Not sure what's going on with Ryan Matthews....But Austin Collie and Reggie Wayne are off the charts

10. Rowdy's Boys

Pretty good week for Rob, unfortunately had to play Charlie, and more unfortunately the titans high school powered offense had to play the Pitt D.

Vandy League Week 1 Power Rankings

So like every year, i'll try and put these out after the week's over. I'll try to get them out by wed. But later on the year it'll become thur, then sat..then sunday morning right before the games, and finally i'll probably quit, so we'll see how it goes. First of Congrats Fudson, and to Charlie talking all that shit and going down like the Jets.

1. Money Affiliated (Fred Hudson)

Vwhaaat? Yup Fred, you're number one in our hearts this week, you had a tough a week, so the commissioner is throwing you a line. Congrats on snagging the top spot in our first ever worst to first power rankings. Fred's team followed the lead of vaunted new-prodigal son of philly, Kevin Kolb who posted a quality -1 points to set the tone for team money affiliated. But maybe Vick will change things around.

BTW Fudson, 4th and 1, vick in the backfield and reid calls a qb draw from a shotgun? questionable, like many of your draft picks.

2. Rowdy's Boys (Robert Small)

Tough start for Rob, no cowboys on his squad and Ryan Grant goes down for the season and free agent hawk trent mcnabb snags brandon jackson. On the bright side, hopefully favre and top flight wr, andre johnson, will combine for more than 13 points next week.

3. Nerd Rage (Charlie Li)

Steep drop for the pre-season number four but it seems like everyone else shot out of the gates. I don't see Matt schaub putting up single digits again he's a quality q, and the top two wr are solid, but this team needs more from addai, Gore, and crabtree, and pretty much everyone outside the top three. Maybe it was just a bad match-up week for Charles.

4. Ocho-Cinco (Jason Wu)

Ocho was the fifth highest scorer of the week so not bad for the first game. Pretty good from everyone, having almost all of Indy's passing game didnt hurt either, but Ryan Matthews and Jon stewart didnt show up last weekend at all.

5. Professional Grade (Trent Mcnabb)

Mcnabb had no business winning last week. A Ryan Grant injury and an Andre Johnson dud more than anything gave mcnabb the W. however, that Brandon Jax pick-up was smooth, before anyone even knew Grant was out, trent mus have been watching Grant hop to the tunnel. So trent, you get the five spot on pure potential.

6. Got Rice? (Timmy Chen)

I dont know if Timmy gets 24 from chad johnson every week and with shonn green fumbling all over the place (hitting his own guys) his leash might be short in the near future. But otherwise a 115 point day probably would have won most games last week.

7. Hater Players (Leon Parker)

Leon snags the three spot because of one Tom Brady. Its not looking good right now for all of us non-Tom Brady owners. Here's to Tom throwing all his touchdowns to Wes Welker.

8. Cossacks (Pete Kostiuk)

Once again pete, starts out strong, like always, like every year, Pete begins his march to 3-0, which begins his even longer march to 3-11.

9. Silver Bullets (Sunny Majumdar)

Aka 'the greatest fantasy victor', had a solid week, putting up 134 points in spite of poor performances from Brees and Mojo. Jay Cutler keep throwing to my man Matt Forte.

10. Revis and Butthead (Chris Freeman)

We know, 47 points from Arian Foster..but is he going to keep that up? perfect situation for big time run numbers the lead against a bad run D. But CJ busts out for 28 points in a game where he seemed to do nothing and Manning, well, he can still throw the ball. With 163 point bashing, we'll let Free warm up the top spot.

THE END....of the first inaugural Worst to First Power Rankings..all of you went to Vandy you should be able to figure it out, except maybe Fred, Fred if you have trouble, just hit the 'x' on the top right corner and dont worry about it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Austin Rivers

If you somehow haven't heard of him yet . . this is Austin Rivers, Doc's kid. He's absolutely nasty . . his crossover going left rivals Allen Iverson's . .

He is now the #1 player in the class of 2011 on multiple recruiting lists, and he's down to 4 schools: Duke, UNC, Florida, Kansas

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ACC Hoops Schedule Released . . . Go Get ‘Em

The Atlantic Coast Conference finally released the 2010-11 men’s basketball schedule today on their official website. And for those of you bored by our conference’s football offerings before the season has even begun, this is big news.

The ACC brass are stoked that the conference will be on television a record 182 times this upcoming year. Fans of the Big East and other power conferences complain that the ACC gets preferential treatment despite being a “weak” league. Right, a conference that has won five of the last ten natty champers is pitiful.
Here are some of the highlights of what promises to be another exciting year in ACC basketball. As the season draws closer, we will be back with full team previews. But for now, check out five of the best non-conference matchups before the New Year.

NOVEMBER 15: Miami at Memphis
Young Memphis Tigers coach Josh Pastner breathed a big sigh of relief when the best recruit of his short tenure, Will Barton, was declared eligible on August 20. I’m really impressed with what Pastner has been able to do in Calipari’s stead (how much he “learned” from the former Memphis coach remains to be seen). Miami’s sparkplug Durand Scott nearly beat Duke by himself in last year’s ACC Tournament, and young big man Reggie Johnson will fill in nicely for departing beast Dwayne Collins, who finally graduated. Look for Memphis to come out on top on sheer talent, but I’m impressed that Frank Haith has the cojones to schedule this type of game. 

DECEMBER 1: Duke v. Michigan State
This game continues to lose its luster, as the Spartan guards are dropping like flies. First it was the transfer of Chris Allen to Iowa State after being kicked off the team in East Lansing. More recently, the twenty-year-old Korie Lucious, hero of the Maryland game, was caught over the legal limit while driving. Tom Izzo is probably my second favorite NCAA coach, mostly because he doesn’t put up with stuff like this. Lucious will likely be suspended for the first half of the season at the least. That leaves more of the burden on Kalin Lucas, who is rehabbing his torn ACL, and 2010 Big Dance star Durrell Summers. Yet this will be billed as the best game of the ACC-Big 10 Challenge. Look for Kyrie Irving to get after it against Lucas—a player to whom he has been compared in the past. I had hoped Duke would face MSU at full strength; nonetheless, Izzo is a gamer and this could be the highlight of Duke’s early season schedule. 
DECEMBER 1: Virginia Tech vs. Purdue
Perhaps this is the year that Virginia Tech lives up to expectations. Many pundits think it’s a battle for second place in the conference between the Hokies and the Heels. Much of that advance praise for VT rests on do-it-all guard Malcolm Delaney, who wisely chose to return for his final year. Meanwhile, Purdue returns everyone but hard nosed point guard Chris Kramer. Pat Forde even put them ahead of Duke in his preseason rankings (but he has a hard time with such predictions). This would be a statement game for Seth Greenberg’s program—which returns everyone—and until I see Robbie Hummel play as well as he did pre-torn ACL, I think the Hokies have a good shot. Just don’t let Jeff Allen loose on JaJuan Johnson…that won’t end well. 

DECEMBER 4: North Carolina vs. Kentucky
In a battle of the teams I hate the most, UNC and UK face off yet again in this home and home series. Recently, ESPN’s sometimes knowledgeable college hoops blogger Eamon Brennan stated that UK has a slight edge in this matchup. It’s tough to say. Both teams have the same problem: a lack of proven size. Kentucky’s frontline is thin: 6’8” frosh Terrence Jones, Florida transfer Eloy Vargas, and perhaps Turkish semi-pro Enes Kanter, if he is ruled eligible. UNC has the sometimes healthy Tyler Zeller, the “wet noodle” John Henson, and Mr. Barnes, who’s supposed to be a guard anyway. I think the game hinges on Kanter’s eligibility. If he plays, he will be too much to handle down low, and combined with UK’s superior guard play led by Brandon Knight, I think Kentucky squeezes this one out. Look for UNC’s season to be a reverse of last year’s: a slow start with a more productive second half. 

DECEMBER 4: N.C. State at Syracuse
The ‘Cuse shocked a lot of people last year by reaching #1, but that’s mostly because people weren’t familiar with Wes Johnson and/or didn’t have respect for the Orange’s experience. Now most of that depth is gone, and for once in his life, Sidney Lowe has something to be excited about in Raleigh. All the hype has been loaded on CJ Leslie, but we think incoming point guard Ryan Harrow will determine State’s success as much as anyone. The frontcourt favors the ‘Cuse (remember the name Fab Melo), but the Wolfpack have an early chance to prove that they belong in the same breath as Duke and UNC for the first time since, I don’t know…Julius Hodge?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vandy League Preseason Rankings

Okay league, pre-season rankings, let's jump right into them, i'm sure all of you have been waiting with bated breath and a Harry Potter-esque zeal. Although I am sorry to say this will probably be the only time I will be able to put up pre-season rankings this year,....for football.

1. Revis and Butthead (Christian Freeman)

Terrible name, good team. Not Unlike a certain John Calipari led team, Free again starts of as the pre-season favorites but can he pull through all the way to championship? Free 's got a quality squad but the real story are the wideouts several quality quick-rise prospects:T.O., Berrian, and Mike Williams from Tampa. If they show up, this team will be tough.

2. Cossacks (Pete Kostiuk)

Pete, again, like clockwork, as sure as the sun will rise, and set, and the seasons will pass, is starting off with a good team. Arguably the best qb and rb in the draft and a potential monster wr in calvin johnson, who could explode at any time. But undoubtedly pete will run this team into the ground like he does every year. Pete for the love of god, keep up, drop players when they are hurt, pick up players who are good and well, you'll make the playoffs.

3. Silver Bullets (Sunny Majumdar)

Solid squad, Drew Brees, always keeps you in a game and MJD always gets the ball a lot in the jags offense. Portis obviously is getting old, but is in a run heavy systems with his old coach shannahan could be good for his numbers. Just need some of the recievers to hit like Wes Welker or Gaffney.

4. Nerd Rage (Charlie Li)

Charlie had a pretty good draft, but he needs Addai to be consistent and Schaub to stay healthy, the titans D loves knocking schaub out of games. Charlie has some quality receivers but can Austin Miles be the same guy he was at the end of last year, its always difficult to sustain high level performance, i guess we'll see.

5. Got Rice? (Timmy Chen)

Timmy's computer for the fourth year running has picked him a viable team. With Shonne Green, Mendenhall and thomas timmy 's got a pretty solid run game and romo can always come up huge.

6. Money Affiliated (Fred Hudson prefers: Fudson prefers more: Dumbass prefers most: Skakakakkaka)..but goes by Desean Queens.

fred's team probably will hinge around what Kevin Kolb can do this year, if he can maintain the flashes of brilliance he has been able to show Fred's team will immediately become slightly more decent and will lose to other teams by less otherwise fred aka skakakaka will lose to other teams by a lot like he loses to other people in beer pong by a lot.

7. Hater Players (Leon 'Lett' Parker)

The defending champ, from last year, (not sure how we let that happen, we should all be embarrassed...just kidding leon...but really, we should be embarrassed). Solid foundation with Turner and Brady, might have to add some pieces as the season goes on...such as 3 wideouts, 2 running backs, a kicker and a defense. And a tight end. Although i will say bradshaw might be pretty big this year, so maybe just one more rb.

And Leon, stop letting don beebe knock the ball away from you at the goal line in that super bowl.

8. Professional Grade (Trent 'built Ford Tough but not at all really' Mcnabb)

Trent's draft was a little suspect. Maybe his excel spreadsheets of all football statistical data by any player ever froze or something. But I'm a believer in Moss, and Bowe to i think was a good pick. Jackson is a great back on a terrible team, he's always questionable. And i dont know about eli at q, but trent will be working that waiver wire like he's trying to sell you a car. By the way that's what a trent does, he sells cars....or tries.... Now you get it.

9. Ocho Cinco (Jason Wu)

This team 's got pretty good WR's Fitzgerald, Wayne, TJ, and Collie. Fitzgerald is a slight questionmark with the qb situation there, but he's too good not to put up numbers and i think Derek Andreson will probably win that job and he's proven in the past that he can put the past. Ryan Matthews in the first was a stretch, ofcourse he could be very good, he's the only charger back really, but he probably would have been there in the second round.

10. Rowdy's Boys (Rob "i'll take marion barber over anybody anytime Small)

Rob missed the draft, explaining his lack of cowboys on his roster. Rob, I got Roy Williams, he 's in for a monster year where he will catch the ball at least one or twice a game, maybe...needless to say, he's on the block.

good luck league, games start pretty soon, sept ninth or seventh or week.