Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vandy League Preseason Rankings

Okay league, pre-season rankings, let's jump right into them, i'm sure all of you have been waiting with bated breath and a Harry Potter-esque zeal. Although I am sorry to say this will probably be the only time I will be able to put up pre-season rankings this year,....for football.

1. Revis and Butthead (Christian Freeman)

Terrible name, good team. Not Unlike a certain John Calipari led team, Free again starts of as the pre-season favorites but can he pull through all the way to championship? Free 's got a quality squad but the real story are the wideouts several quality quick-rise prospects:T.O., Berrian, and Mike Williams from Tampa. If they show up, this team will be tough.

2. Cossacks (Pete Kostiuk)

Pete, again, like clockwork, as sure as the sun will rise, and set, and the seasons will pass, is starting off with a good team. Arguably the best qb and rb in the draft and a potential monster wr in calvin johnson, who could explode at any time. But undoubtedly pete will run this team into the ground like he does every year. Pete for the love of god, keep up, drop players when they are hurt, pick up players who are good and well, you'll make the playoffs.

3. Silver Bullets (Sunny Majumdar)

Solid squad, Drew Brees, always keeps you in a game and MJD always gets the ball a lot in the jags offense. Portis obviously is getting old, but is in a run heavy systems with his old coach shannahan could be good for his numbers. Just need some of the recievers to hit like Wes Welker or Gaffney.

4. Nerd Rage (Charlie Li)

Charlie had a pretty good draft, but he needs Addai to be consistent and Schaub to stay healthy, the titans D loves knocking schaub out of games. Charlie has some quality receivers but can Austin Miles be the same guy he was at the end of last year, its always difficult to sustain high level performance, i guess we'll see.

5. Got Rice? (Timmy Chen)

Timmy's computer for the fourth year running has picked him a viable team. With Shonne Green, Mendenhall and thomas timmy 's got a pretty solid run game and romo can always come up huge.

6. Money Affiliated (Fred Hudson prefers: Fudson prefers more: Dumbass prefers most: Skakakakkaka)..but goes by Desean Queens.

fred's team probably will hinge around what Kevin Kolb can do this year, if he can maintain the flashes of brilliance he has been able to show Fred's team will immediately become slightly more decent and will lose to other teams by less otherwise fred aka skakakaka will lose to other teams by a lot like he loses to other people in beer pong by a lot.

7. Hater Players (Leon 'Lett' Parker)

The defending champ, from last year, (not sure how we let that happen, we should all be embarrassed...just kidding leon...but really, we should be embarrassed). Solid foundation with Turner and Brady, might have to add some pieces as the season goes on...such as 3 wideouts, 2 running backs, a kicker and a defense. And a tight end. Although i will say bradshaw might be pretty big this year, so maybe just one more rb.

And Leon, stop letting don beebe knock the ball away from you at the goal line in that super bowl.

8. Professional Grade (Trent 'built Ford Tough but not at all really' Mcnabb)

Trent's draft was a little suspect. Maybe his excel spreadsheets of all football statistical data by any player ever froze or something. But I'm a believer in Moss, and Bowe to i think was a good pick. Jackson is a great back on a terrible team, he's always questionable. And i dont know about eli at q, but trent will be working that waiver wire like he's trying to sell you a car. By the way that's what a trent does, he sells cars....or tries.... Now you get it.

9. Ocho Cinco (Jason Wu)

This team 's got pretty good WR's Fitzgerald, Wayne, TJ, and Collie. Fitzgerald is a slight questionmark with the qb situation there, but he's too good not to put up numbers and i think Derek Andreson will probably win that job and he's proven in the past that he can put the past. Ryan Matthews in the first was a stretch, ofcourse he could be very good, he's the only charger back really, but he probably would have been there in the second round.

10. Rowdy's Boys (Rob "i'll take marion barber over anybody anytime Small)

Rob missed the draft, explaining his lack of cowboys on his roster. Rob, I got Roy Williams, he 's in for a monster year where he will catch the ball at least one or twice a game, maybe...needless to say, he's on the block.

good luck league, games start pretty soon, sept ninth or seventh or week.

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