Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grant Hill

The Suns are quickly becoming my personal favorite team in the playoffs. It's just hard to root against guys like Grant Hill and Steve Nash, who are basically octogenarians in today's NBA, but beyond all explanation, are still getting it done. Check out this block, is this really the work of a 37 year old??

And just a little refresher course on Mr. Hill . . in case the young folks don't remember what we was like in his prime (I know the resolution sucks):

Just for clarification, in case it was too fuzzy, on that last dunk, he definitely crossed the s*** out of Dan Majerle and then calmly proceeded to posterize Alonzo Mourning. Humiliating all-time defensive greats was just another day on the job for Grant Hill back in the day. At the height of his career, he was a triple double machine. He was a 6'8" guy who had unworldly hops, sick handles, played ridiculous defense (he still regularly guards the other team's best player at age 37), he was fast a hell and was more than capable of playing four positions including point guard.

Oh yeah, by the way, he currently leads the suns this postseason in rebounding.

His game is so smooth and effortless, it makes you a little disappointed that the best player in the league now has a game about as visually appealing as the city he plays for. (For the slow readers out there, yes, I just ripped on Lebron and Cleveland) Anyways, to me, Grant is a hall of famer. I just don't know anybody who ever came through the league who was just such an intelligent, honest, unselfish, good guy, and was just so much fun to watch. It is literally a tragedy that his best years were taken from us by a chronic ankle injury.

On a final note, if the Suns beat the Spurs and Robin Lopez finds a way to return from his back injury and effectively reintegrate himself into the team . . . I dunno if the Lakers can win that series the way the Suns are playing right now . . . It will be interesting.

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  1. Grant Hill is amazing...but in a way I feel like all those years he missed due to injury leave him more fresh than a typical 37 year-old. Also, PHX's training staff is probably the best in the league so we should not forget to give them some credit here. Does he deserve a spot in the HOF though? It's debatable...based purely on his NBA career, probably not, but if you combine what he did at Duke plus his accomplishments in the NBA, then I agree he should probably be in the Hall.

    As for the Suns' chances against the Lakers, I think they should be proud of themselves if they can extend the series to 6 games. The only teams with the depth to beat the Lakers in a 7 game series were the Mavs and Nuggets. The Mavs choked, as usual, and the Nuggets imploded without their head coach. Even if Lopez comes back, it's gonna be his first game in almost 2 Jameer Nelson proved to us in the Finals last year, you can't come back after so much time off and expect to be the same player, especially in the playoffs. I say Lakers in 5, although I wouldn't be surprised to see the Suns steal a game and extend the series to 6 games instead of 5.