Saturday, April 10, 2010

Five Things I Found Funny

5. People claiming the Duke-Butler final was the best NCAA championship game ever

Absolutely not true, in the end it was a good game, but just because it's close doesn't make it a contender for a classic.

4. Every sportscenter top ten baseball highlight.

They all look the exact same. I feel like i'm watching the same one over and over again. Yesterday i went from number 8 to number 5 and didn't realize there were three different baseball highlights inbetween.

3. Memphis fans who are demoralized that our recruiting class went from #1 to #3.

Really? Who cares. It's still a good class. And it doesn't really matter where it is in the top ten as long as we bring in good players. Now its up to Josh Pastner to develop these kids. Like Michigan St. does and like Duke does. ( don't even get me started on Memphis fans who think this years class is better than UK's class last year (which was actually our class). They had John Wall and demarcus cousins, enough right there to be better than our class this year. But we still have a great class so just be happy about that.

2. My Dog

He spent 20 minutes barking at me and trying to bite me. Then i sit down with some Mcdonalds, and he's my best damn friend. Douchebag Dog.

1. Hockey Season

Apparently it's Hockey season. Who knew?


  1. wow are you freakin retarded??? duke played butler in the NCAA championship, dumbass, not baylor. I'm gonna have to edit your post so we don't seem like idiots . . . this is sad.

  2. oh yea..butler..see that's what i'm talking was a forgetful game.

  3. but i think i will go ahead and edit that